We are James & the drifters


JATD is a 4 piece rock band.  A brotherhood turned band.  But always a brotherhood first.  JATD invites you to rummage through the depths, lean into life and to follow a glow that is sometimes dimmed, but never extinguished.  JATD is an exploration of passion, happiness, and the merger between music and the connection with ineffable things.  The songs are hearty, the rhythm pulses, the harmonies cut, and their live performances entice.  And there is no James, only Drifters.

Formed in small town Indiana JATD now calls Ft. Wayne home.  For over 8 years JATD has written, produced and recorded numerous full length records and EP’s.  Their forthcoming full length record, “The Glow” will be released under Neat Neat Neat Records in early 2019.

Welcome.  Come be a part of what we’re doing.


Vocals, Guitar / Kyle Jackson

Guitar, Vocals / Andy Scheer

Bass, Vocals, Sampling / Anthony Giraldi

Drums / Dan Willig

Tech, Stage / Perry Childs



The Glow Tour